Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brainstorming 10/20/09

Loved Tai's jewelry idea. I think that the pieces are well thought out and that its a unique approach to a common object. I would like to see prototypes of different materials if he doesn't plan to just do cardboard. I think he has a good grasp on sustainability and function.

Bridget's leaf idea seemed to be taking off in a good direction after brainstorming. I like how she was inspired by her readings from Cradle to Cradle. I think that is what this class is all about, learning from what exists and what needs to exist in order to be more sustainable. I hope that she takes the project in a direction that deals with being sustainable. I get the whole philosophical view on taking nature for granted but I'm not totally sure that will be reflected in the product if the materials involved aren't environmentally friendly. Great idea to work with and I hope to see how the execution turns out tomorrow/today in class with prototypes or sketches.

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