Saturday, October 10, 2009

NYT 10/8/09 The Art of the Repair

There is a group of artists working at te Proteus Gowanus gallery in Brooklyn on an art project called the Fixers Collective. David Mahfouda is the leader of this project that turned into a community group. It started as a year long exhibition called, "Mend" with the idea that people bring broken objects to be fixed or to help fix broken objects. Some of the broken items include clocks and umbrellas. The umbrellas are either fixed or the fabric gets turned into tote bags. Many people in the community have come together and continue to work on this project on thursday nights. They are working because they imagine that things can be different. I think this is an awesome idea and it is part of the whole reuse and recycle idea. Most people would throw broken objects like umbrellas away without ever considering the materials that could be salvaged. It is a new way of thinking. Thinking about the lifespan of objects. Thinking about how broken things aren't necessarily trash. Thinking about the possibilities and values of objects. One step closer to eliminating the out of sight out of mind mentality.

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