Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NYT 10/7/09 Parental Guidance on Web Video for Children

This article discusses the positive and negative effects of easily accessible video information on the internet that children can access. It provides learning tools but it also can expose children to things that aren't age appropriate. However, cautious parents can take advantage of YouTube filters and preference options. This helps users control what they can see in their searches and on the pages. The internet is still new and it takes time for people to adjust to the wealth of good and bad things available at a click of a button. It will take a while to discover what kids should and shouldn't search for but there are precautions that parents can take in order to prevent unwanted searches to appear when their children are surfing the web. At times in our society technology is ahead of social rules but in this case the issue of making videos on the web safe for children is already being addressed.

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