Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Caffine/Brainstorming...any suggestions?

For my creative caffine I went to stores to see what Green products were available to the public and I found recycled paper paper towels, napkins, printer paper, toliet paper, recycled plastics pencils and pens, wooden pencils made from renewable wood resources, environmentally friendly glue, recycled paper sketch books, bamboo tools, soy wax candles with recycled paper labels, reusable water bottles, environmentally friendly cleaning products, solar lights, energy saving light bulbs, natural soaps, bamboo and organic cotton sheets, heating blankets that claim to save energy, LED lights that claim to save 88% energy, organic make up and eco make up tools.

I wanted to impliment one of the ideas from my creative alternative sticker to do my part in being green so I decided to make seed paper from my recycled paper. This fulfills both recycling and organic because I'm using oregano and chives seeds as well as flower seeds that people could use to start an organic herb garden. I looked at this website to figure out how to make paper. Then I decided to see what products are made out of seed paper. has pretty much every kind of paper product. makes seed boxes as well as paper.

So I'm in the process of thinking about what to do with my seed paper that still deals with the issue of awareness. So far the only ideas I've come up with are to
1.make a journal that has a green idea or solution on each page or design the front cover with them.
2.I also considered making a things to do list and the first line would be a way to be green and the last line could be about considering alternatives.
3.I could cut leaf shapes out of the paper and hang them on a tree and have a sign asking people to write what they plan to do to contribute to the green movement then ask them to plant the paper and let their ideas grow with their flower or herb.
4.I could make the paper into folders.
5.I could make flyers about green alternatives with information about planting the paper.
6.I could make flyers advertising our event at the end of the year.
7.I could make coasters.
8.I could make bookmarks.
9.I could make a tree out of cardboard and seed paper with a message about how paper comes from trees and stats about trees and paper
10. I could make a basket out of paper
11.I could make a hot plate/coaster out of used/broken pens, pencils and yarn
12.still thinking....ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS???
This website sells vegetable ink which is more eco friendly than soy ink.
I'm debating whether I want to print on my paper so I'm researching where to buy ink if I do.

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  1. The seeded paper is a great idea. How about if you make a journal that can be recycled by planting, once it is filled. That way the creativity from the journal nourishes the seeds as they grow :-). Just a thought...