Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NYT 10/19/09 From Foreclosure to the Car to a Shelter Bed

Growing numbers of Americans are losing houses to foreclosure and are ending up homeless having to sleep in cars, shelters and outside. The rise in homelessness is a reflection of the soring rates of unemployment. States are even designating areas for car camping due to the rise in homelessness. People may attempt to stay with family and friends on their extra beds or couches but hospitality rarely lasts long. Companies that offer to negotiate for lower payments from the lender are often pricey and without a job, bills add up fast. Homeless shelters have a 90-day limit. So in tough times there isn't always an easy solution. It's sad that there are so few programs that help people in tough financial situations and that there aren't enough jobs for hardworking people that need them.

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