Thursday, October 22, 2009

Design Research and Critical Thinking

The problem/issue I am addressing is the lifecycle of products through recycling paper and making it into seed paper that can be planted. The product has an obvious life path that makes the consumers aware if only at an unconscious level about where the products they buy end up. I am still trying to determine which direction I want to take my project in so I might also want to incorporated ways that consumers can become involved in the Green movement. I orginally wanted to focus on informing consumers about their environmentally friendly options in order to tie in my considering alternatives idea. But the whole egg crate seed idea does tie that in as well in a way. I'm back to design research.

One of the ideas discussed during brainstorming was post-its. Post-it currently has recycled post-it paper but I didn't see seed paper. I looked on-line to see if there was a how to make post-it adhesive and I couldn't find it since it's such a big secret but I did find a glue stick that is suppose to be restickable. Has information about why people should make environmentally friendly decisions and how to do so. Has 10 easy tips about how college students can make a difference being green. 21 Environmentally friendly home improvement ideas This website is a compilation of all things Green. These eco boxes have flower bulbs for wedding favors. plantable herb "egg" garden pre-seeded mat you just plant

I'm still trying to tie all my ideas together and figure out exactly what I plan to do but with the herb paper planting box I'm working out how the herb paper would get used as paper before planting because I don't want to be accused of creating a product that doesn't serve a purpose since the seeds don't need the paper to be planted.

The opposing view could say that the awareness issue is already being addressed online with resources of how to learn more.

I think that paper is used for writing and packaging so it needs to serve that purpose in whatever design I choose.

I could do post it notes with an eco friendly suggestions on the four edges of the pack of paper. I am a little concerned that if I made post-it notes that I would get criticized for not being as clean cut as a manufacturer.

To be continued?

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