Monday, September 7, 2009

9/7/09 Farmers Sell Wives After Crops Fail-(North India)

This article was highly disturbing for numerous reasons. For one thing it's sad that farmers in North India are so poor from having failing crops due to erratic rainfall. Two, it's both sad and disturbing that the solution the men come to is to sell their wives and that there are other men willing to buy them. I don't know anything about marriage laws in India or their customs but it just seems to me that this kind of thing shouldn't be legal. What is worse is that the women are trying to escape from their new "owners" because they aren't happy about the situation and/or didn't even understand what was happening because a good deal of them couldn't read the marriage contract.

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  1. check. we are familiar with some of the laws of our country.....all countries have their own "take" on things....