Monday, September 14, 2009

Ch5 The Art of Innovation

This chapter had a lot of unusual and creative ways for fostering creative thinking environments. It stressed the importance of having fun, rewarding people, inspiring people through whatever works and keeping spirits high. It discussed the value of good morale and how to inspire good morale through groups that people want to be in and are excited about. It talked about group dynamics and the different personalities that make up 'hot groups'. It had a lot of unconventional ideas about how to create the perfect brainstorming, creative, productive environment. This chapter seemed to express ideas that really understand the essence of what makes the creative thinker tick and how to keep that creativity flowing. It comes down to basic human needs and happiness and keeping the energy throughout fun times and fun work. It seems like an awesome place to work and I think other businesses could really benefit by taking more of these ideas into account.

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