Monday, September 21, 2009

My project-Awareness

I decided to do my first project on the issue of awareness. I for one never considered half the issues we have discussed in class because I didn't know about them and I didn't know or think about alternatives to my actions or their consequences. So I brainstormed about how to make people think about their choices. I really liked the bumper sticker that spells out the word coexist with religious symbols because it gets a message across in a simple word. I based my idea off of this and came up with the words Consider Alternatives and incorporated symbols and drawings to represent things I would like people to think about. Symbols I used include religious symbols, global warming, recycling, a light bulb for electricity, smoking/no smoking, free trade, boy/girl sign, cars, organic, bamboo, radiation, religion vs science, drinking and drivin, drugs, vegan and oil. I had researched a whole bunch of symbols of social issues I am interested in but these seemed to fit the design best because of their shape. I added text around the words Consider Alternatives to explain some of the issues I would like people to think about and in case they aren't familiar with the symbols they can understand the message through the text. I think that people get comfortable with their routines and aren't willing to think about other ways of doing things unless it is marketed towards them. For example the whole going Green movement. People weren't all jumping up and down about being environmentally aware until advertisng made it sound attractive and they were face to face with information about it. So I think my graphic words will help to bombard people with more things to think about.

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