Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NYT 9/15/09 "New York Eye 'No Smoking' Outdoors, Too" and Hawaii Tries Green Tools In Remaking Power Grids

New York Eyes 'No Smoking' Outdoors, Too
This article was about just what the title says, the idea of implimenting no smoking rules in public outdoor areas and in this instance they are discussing no smoking in parks. The other alternative idea being thrown around is having designated smoking areas. The idea behind this proposal is of course with the best interest of health but there are many smokers that don't seem to be happy about the proposal. Second hand smoke is a very serious social issue and health risk so in my opinion I think the proposal would help health conscious people to avoid unwanted smoking encounters.

Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids
I thought this was a relevant article on social issues since several people had written energy and resources or related issues on our top ten. Hawaii is trying to make use of its natural resources and environment by utilizing heat from the volcanic rock beneath the clouds of steam created by the lava and sea to generate electricity. Hawaii is also using giant wind turbines in key locations to generate energy and the other islands all have at least one energy accent including waves, wind, solar panels and a plan for biomass energy from crops on Kauai. The ultimate goal is for Hawaii to generate 40 percent of its power from these methods by 2030. Its a big task but a necessary one to protect natural resources and hopefully the rest of the country will be as aggressive with conservation efforts soon.

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