Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brainstorm eco ideas

Hybrids, consumer generated power, household recycling plant, green rentals, eco-chic entrepeneurs, etc.
Some awesome ideas people came up with...
Tree-Free Pencils
Why use virgin wood when old newspapers work just as well? Made from 100 percent recycled rolled newsprint, these pencils are green to the core. Cost: $18 for a pack of 48
Recycled Paper Notebook
Don't toss paper that's only been printed on one side into the recycling bin. Bind the sheets together for a quick, handy notebook. 1. Cut the paper into uniformly sized rectangles. 2. Stack the pieces blank-side up and punch two to three holes along one edge. 3. Grab an old shoe box and cut two pieces of cardboard the same size as the paper. 4. Punch holes along one edge, keeping them aligned with the paper holes. 5. Sandwich paper between the covers and "bind" the book using key rings. 6. Cover the cardboard with old carpet samples or colorful contact paper. Cost: about $3
Bamboo Washcloths
Renewable bamboo isn't just a substitute for wood. Fabric woven from its fibers is absorbent and naturally antibacterial, making it ideal for washcloths. or Cost: $8 to $12 Designers using green materials in their art-...just when you think you can invent the wheel you realize it's already been done. :oP

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