Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T.A.O.I.- ch 6 Prototyping is the Shorthand of Innovation

So basically what I got out of this chapter was that prototyping is Amazing! because it keeps ideas flowing, the physical prototype speeds up troubleshooting problems, people are visual learners and are more easily persuaded by 3D objects vs written statements and many great products have been invented through the use of successful prototypes such as the Aerobie football and the Apple Duo Dock. Who hearts run on sentences? I do!!! Prototyping also makes projects that seem impossible managable as well as working on questions before you have the answers. Accidental discoveries are more likely to occur when fiddling with a prototype and new innovations are sparked by the thought process. Like I said earlier prototyping is awesome and from what this article says we would all most likely benefit from it.

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