Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Designers, Visionaries + Other Stories Intro

I just finished reading the foreward and introduction of Designers, Visionaries + Other Stories. I think this book examines all angles of sustainable design and addresses many key points on the topic. Sustainable design has become increasingly in demand and this book seems to be very direct and up front about how designers should go about being involved and collaborating on all available research. It covers all aspects on the subject including reasons behind the increased demand for sustainable design, the lack of collaboration between designers and researchers(one of the purposes of this book being to have a central resource of available information), the way designers should approach sustainable design and all the criticisms of it in order to make people think. I think it is great that this book covers many unanswered questions about sustainable design as well as posing counterarguments to designers/readers in order to fuel creative juices. It gives direction to the movement of sustainable design. I liked the information in this book so far but I feel that it is a bit wordy at times.

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