Monday, September 28, 2009

NTY 9/24/09 Does This Pencil Skirt Have an App? and Vietnam Finds Itself Vulnerable If Sea Rises

Does This Pencil Skirt Have an App?
In our technologically advanced society one of the new ways marketed at trying to lose weight is an application on the iPhone called Lose It! This nifty little application helps make goal encouraging graphs that track your progress to your weight loss when you count your calorie intake. There are other applications such as LiveStrong that lists the calorie content of 450,000 foods. It is a lifestyle change just like any other diet but maybe it will help encourage our overweight society to think about what is consumed.

Vietnam Finds Itself Vulnerable If Sea Rises
Climate experts find Vietnam to be among the most at risk to be affected by weather disruptions and rising sea levels due to global warming. It is unfair that developing countries like Vietnam are suffering the consequences from the actions of developed countries. It just shows that our choices and actions to have an impact on more than just ourselves. Vietnam could potentially have large sections of land be submerged underwater if the sea level rises approximately three feet. There could be social and econonic impacts to the remaining area if living conditions aren't sustainable. Vietnam has already developed a sensible national program that includes an attempt to integrate environmental concerns into development plans, and the construction and reinforcement of dikes. The dikes, however, could pose a potentially worse problem of trapping waste and polluting the remaining land if sea levels rise three feet. The people of Vietnam aren't worrying about the future too much but it might be something they should start worrying about if they needed to evacuate and relocate to another country.

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