Monday, September 14, 2009

NYT 9/9/09 Driver Texting Now an Issue in Back Seat

This article discussed the increased risk of multitasking while driving focusing mainly on using cell phones and blackberries to talk, text and check emails. Talking on the cell phone while driving was one of the pictures I took of a social issue and I do feel that it is a real concern. Many people if asked will say that they are safe drivers even while texting and that it isn't a problem. However, they don't necessarily see themselves swerving on the road because they are focused on something else. Anyway, the article discussed how "back seat drivers"/spouses, friends, etc who discuss their concerns with the multitasking driver may have more of an impact than laws on this issue because they watch over the driver. In Washington the National Transportation Safety Board made a rule that employees could no longer make calls or text while driving on official business of while using company cell devices in their own cars. So maybe more laws outlawing phone calls and texting while driving are coming in the near future because it is a danger and a risk that can be avoided.

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